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When he got sick again this spring and we had no idea what to do, I couldn’t bear it, and that’s when I finally let him go

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Control of Communicable Diseases Manual, 18th edition

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The blind reflective windows of those modern buildings could conceal a city full of watchers, maybe snipers

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microbiology, or chemistry), or at least two years of prerequisite coursework, and apply to a Doctor

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In some instances, teens "pharm" these medications, often with friends at social gatherings

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We previously tried to bring some of our accounting in house to reduce the cost and hassles involved in using an accounting firm but the overheads and headaches it created made it impractical.

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If each of these seeds were to germinate and be equally as prolific the following year, a single plant would have multiplied itself into 13,689,000,000 individuals by the third growing season

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